BSS Service & Repair

BSS Signal Processor Service & Repair

 For decades BSS has been known for innovation and intelligence in audio technology. The Tone Garage is one of only two service centers in the U.S. authorized by HARMAN to repair their line of BSS Signal Processors. HARMAN made us their choice based on our history of outstanding service.

BSS London BLU Series Service & Repair

You may find that the London BLU is in need of care if all the LEDs are ON or if there are white blocks on the top row but nowhere else. The Tone Garage has the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem and deliver the appropriate repair or service.

BSS Soundweb Service & Repair

 The Soundweb Green Series, which the Factory has discontinued servicing, can still be used for some time if maintained correctly.  These pieces still have a long life ahead of them if serviced correctly and repaired when needed. Signs that repairs are needed include losing sync with other devices or losing the green power LED.